Permanent Installation at the V&A

White Noise - Potfield // Text : Alun Graves

Michael Geertsen (born 1966) stands among the leading ceramic artists in Denmark. Informed by Modernist movements in art from the early to mid-20th century, including Constructivism, Suprematism, and Pop Art, Geertsen creates dynamic sculptural works based on the assemblage of components. Typically, these are based around precise geometrical forms, principally circles, cylinders and cones, these being thrown, assembled and glazed in monochrome colours.

​His wall installation, White Noise, has been created for a specific site in the V&A: a fully functioning ceramic studio set within the Museum's Ceramics Galleries. In its dynamic assemblage of deconstructed geometrical components and archetypal ceramic shapes, White Noise appears like tumbling stacks of forms caught in time and space, and suggests the continual reinvention of form within ceramic art. As such it makes a particularly fitting and inspiring work for display with the studio space.​